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Epic YouTube Comments

Welcome to Epictube, the home of epic YouTube comments!

Our mission is simple: to collect the most epic comments on YouTube and share them with the rest of the world.

YouTube is filled with billions of comments on videos. An average video will probably have more than 100 comments. The most popular videos can even have a few hundred-thousand comments!

Between these comments you’ll find some real gems. Unfortunately, a lot of these comments are lost in the archives of the website. We’re here to prevent that, because some comments are so good they need to be preserved for future generations.

What qualifies as an epic comment?

Most of the times, an epic comment is a funny comment; a hilarious sarcastic answer to a stupid question or a remark about the video that’s so obvious it becomes funny.

Some comments are only a few words, while others are short stories of a few sentences. As long as it’s funny it qualifies as an epic comment.

But there’s more. A comment doesn’t necessarily have to be funny to deserve a spot on this website. A really touching remark is also good enough to earn a post.

Share them

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If you want to post a comment on the original video, that’s possible too. Every epic comment on this website has a link to the original video, so you can check it out yourself.

By the way: we recently added a new feature that allows you to embed the image on your own site. Every article sinceĀ DecemberĀ 1st has an embed code. Simply cope the code and past it on your site!

What are you waiting for? Check out these epic YouTube comments!

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